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Joshua Liles

Children's Director / Intern Pastor

My name is Josh Liles.

Christ Follower, Husband, Father and Children’s Ministry Director. God’s glory shines in all of our lives and I’m no different. I’ve known Jesus in a special way my entire life, and like every sinner I have my ups and downs. Knocking myself down counting on Jesus to pick me up. Here’s my story.

When I was born I had spine surgery to attempt to repair a form of spina bifida called, “lipomyelomeningocele”. A mouthful huh? The surgery was successful thanks to the grace of God. After experiencing a surgery that could very well disrupt my ability to walk and even end my life, my parents dedicated my life to serving the Lord through the church. I have found myself consistently serving in church in every facet of life via my parents who were just as dedicated. Whether that be through missions, the worship team, leading small groups and children’s ministry. I was even blessed to volunteer for a non-profit called Feeding Children Everywhere and also worked for a church as an after-school teacher. At the time I never knew the path God was taking me on, but seeing it blossom has been a beautiful experience.

At twenty-three years old, I found myself at a cross-road. I knew my life was about to change forever. My dad, (who lived in Hawaii at the time), offered me to come live with him while I was attempting to find what exactly God had in store for my life. The only catch was I had to take care of my little brothers who were 5 and 10 at the time. So, I said yes. A babysitter in Hawaii? Sign me up! My brothers were attending VBS that year and the rest is history! The rollercoaster God put me on would change my life forever! I met Kamerra Skinner in June of 2013, asked her to marry me in December of 2013, married her in November of 2014 and my beautiful baby girl, Madilynn Liles, was born in October of 2015!

After living in Texas for a short while, God brought Kamerra and I back to Hawaii in July of 2015. There were needs in our lives that God was able to provide for and we were able to give thanks to Him by dedicating our whole lives to Him. It’s such a blessing to be able to begin a career that is geared towards furthering His Kingdom! My wife and I are now the Calvary Kidz Children’s Ministry Directors. Working with kids and watching them learn is truly an inspiration! Having faith like a child is put into play before Kami and I’s very lives with not only our daughter, but the children of all of our congregation.

My hope is to inspire parents to raise their kids up to follow Jesus. My life is a testimony of faith and dedication my parents had to raising me to believe Jesus is the only way, an example I hope to follow with my own family. So, I thank God for protecting me, I thank my parents for my upbringing and I thank my wife for my support.

“Then he said to them,’Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ They IMMEDIATELY left their nets and followed Him.”

Matthew 4:19-20

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