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Blue Letter Bible is an outstanding study aid available online and as an app.  It provides quick search capability for any verse/passage/book in the Bible, provides a Greek and Hebrew translation, and offers commentaries and speaker notes from trusted sources.  Once you learn to use the tool, you will find it expands your knowledge and love of God's Word.  Here are some simple instructions for accessing features on the Blue Letter Bible.
Christian writings includes documents from the first generation after the Apostolic Age through the modern era.  Authors include Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, John Chrysostom, Martin Luther, Watchman Nee, and a host of other faithful believers.  This material will serve as a valuable research resource.  It will also feature writings that may enhance your devotional life and connect you with the struggles and triumphs of Christians who came before us.
Ligonier Ministry provides various lists of recommended Bible commentaries. These study aids, when authored by trusted, orthodox Bible scholars, are valuable study aids for believers who want to go deeper into God's Word. They provide helpful highly important contextual information based in the historical and theological background of Bible books and passages.  This list provides top 5 recommendations for every Bible book.

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