eTS series

The Equipping the Saints series ran February through April 2024.  These sessions by CCPH minister Jesse Hall explain Christian beliefs regarding marriage and divorce, creation, politics, culture, and biblical credibility.

Impact conference

Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor hosted the Reasons for Hope ministry in a January 2024 apologetics conference.  Reasons for Hope is based in Jackson, MN, and its team members travel extensively to equip hearers with philosophical, scientific and theological arguments against the prevailing secularist worldview of the West.

January 12

Combating Fake News
Carl Kerby at 51:13
God's Word is Powerful
Derald Skinner at 1:50:34
Don't Fear Drifting Away
Frank Figueroa at 2:45:55

January 13

The Doubt Virus
Dr. Juan Valdez at 33:00
What is a Worldview
Dr. Juan Valdez at 1:50:34
What About AI?
Carl Kirby at 5:41:59

Back to genesis AUDIO

This audio apologetics series includes four messages from Dr. Tim Clarey and Frank Sherwin during the 2016 Back to Genesis conference.  Clarey is a member of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), based in Dallas, Texas.  Sherwin is a contributing writer for ICR publications.

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